msc mobile offers a number of mobile solutions

Mobile Sales
for SAP ERP...

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Capture leads
at events...

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Shelf Management
for Mercandisers
against SAP ERP...

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Candidate Surface

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Professional Services

msc mobile can look at a track record of successful mobile implementation of standard SAP solutions.

This started with NetWeaver Mobile, SAP Mobile Asset Management, SAP Mobile Time and Travel, Sybase Unwired Platform, Sybase CRM Sales, SAP EAM Work Order and continues today with the recent generation of SAP’s mobile portfolio.

Custom Development

Our custom development team supports customers with the implementation of mobile and desktop solutions with the goal to create user-friendly and easy to use applications. No matter what technology we use, we always put the user in the center of our efforts.

UI Renovation

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User Interface Design

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SAP Integration

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SAP Mobilink

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SAP Gateway

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SAP Mobile Platform

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With everything we do, we want to make the work life of people easier. We believe that people should be able to focus on their work, instead of spending their time on administrative tasks, paper or software. The way we make the life of people easier is by providing easy to use solutions for the mobile world and the desktop. We implement standard SAP Mobile solutions and develop custom applications. Founded in 2006 and the winner of the "2014 SAP Mobile Game On App Contest", msc mobile is an SAP partner with a proven track record in enterprise mobility.

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